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RIP Norma Tanega: In December 2019, we lost folk singer/songwriter and painter Norma Tanega.

She was probably best known for Me and My Cat Named Dog (1966), though her amazing song You're Dead has been frequently covered over the years.

This is a short film which features her life and work. You can see some of her art here in a video with fellow artist Brian Ransom or here in a video from Claremont Heritage.

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Oh, no! Like a lot of people probably I found out about her from the use of You're Dead in What We Do In the Shadows. Her voice was so singular.

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Hey Girl is another version of the Leadbelly song better known as "In the Pines" or "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"
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Bread is a non-album single she did. Can't remember if it was released in the US or only in the UK.
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I didn't know her until this post, and she's great! Thank you for posting about her.

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As a fan of both Norma Tanega and Dusty Springfield, I was astonished, a few years ago, when I leaned that these two amazing women had a significant relationship . My impression is that Dusty was a bit of a handful.
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