Some of those that work forces... are the same that draw horses
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"Rage Against Vanessa Carlton" [single link YouTube]
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needs the #thanksihateit tag
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I had posted this on my FB last august, and I thought I got it from Metafilter but I couldn't find a reference to it before this FPP. It must have came from twitter and I must have made the conscious decision to post it on FB and not on Metafilter because I wanted to spare you all from the laughing to death.
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Requisite Neil Cicierega link (AC/VC).
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Finally, something that makes RATM listenable! I've been waiting 30 years for it!
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This is pretty much what my entire Friday afternoon has been like.
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I feel this is how the cheesy 70s song Convoy was created. I mean the chorus part that is sung is so jarring when compared to the spoken word and music.
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Convoy, written by Chip Davis, who went on to be the musician behind Mannheim Steamroller, (Fresh Aire, too many Christmas albums to count)...
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What great and terrible folly hath mankind wrought?
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I always feel compelled to let anyone who has not yet heard the good news know that there was a sequel 45.
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I tend to be a mashup skeptic, but this is brilliant.
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I had a former apartment neighbor who kept irregular hours and used Thousand Miles as a her "morning" alarm. To this day I harbor a legit Rage Against Venessa Carlton.

(Seriously, can anyone explain the lyrics of that song to me or are they just nonsense that's been rattling around the back of my brain for twenty years?)
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can anyone explain the lyrics of that song to me

Well, you see, when he wakes up gets drunk, havers, workin' hard, comes home or grow old, he's gonna be the man who's doing so for you. And he would walk 500 miles ...
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