Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle
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Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle: There's only about 5 days left to obtain this special one-week bundle featuring over $400 in incredible games for just $25. 100% of the proceeds from your bundle purchase go to help the wildlife and animals affected by the Australian bushfires.

Click through for full list, lots of well respected games, 29 total. Pay what you want, $25 minimum.

Funds going to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service), RSPCA, and World Wildlife Fund
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[I realize it's atypical but cortex ok'd this post.]
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Don't sleep on The Gardens Between. It's a simple but very charming and emotionally affecting puzzle game and it looks lovely as well.

Void Bastards is super fun as well.
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Also on the intersection of climate apocalypse and computer games, people may be interested in the #GameDevsforFireys tag on Twitter, where various game devs are auctioning off all sorts of stuff to support the firefighters.
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Now I'm glad I didn't buy myself some games for Christmas :) thank you for posting this.
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Be careful if you're buying this for a Mac, a few of the games are non-Mac. Also if you're on a machine that can't play 32-bit games, you should check the specs for the games.

Machinarium wouldn't run at all, I just got a dialog box and when I clicked on the question mark link, nothing ever loaded on the help viewer.

Frames froze so hard I had to reboot my laptop.
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Omg I didn’t know they’d made Regular Human Basketball into a full-fledged game! Its trailer is hilarious.
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CCP is doing a PLEX for GOOD until sunday 26th to help via the Red Cross (yeah I know, the Red Gross...), but if you have a few billion unused ISK in EVE Online, maybe it's worth converting them.
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Assault Android Cactus+ is widely regarded as one of the very best modern implementations of Roboton.

Feather is a beautiful chill-out-and-explore-a-cool-island flying bird sim.

Hollow Knight always makes the lists of Top 10 Metroidvanias (unless it's "Top 10 Metroidvanias other than Hollow Knight").
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Void Bastards is made by some of the original Bioshock team and is written by Cara Ellison. It's an FPS with extremely dark humor.
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