Zombo.com in VR
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Anything is possible. The only limit is yourself. Terry Cavanagh, the game designer behind VVVVVV, Super Hexagon, and Dicey Dungeons, finally found a match for virtual reality’s infinite potential, pairing it with one of the oldweb’s greatest single-serving sites.

It was prototyped in LÖVR, an “open source framework for rapidly building immersive 3D experience.” The Zombo.com VR source is available, made in less than 60 lines of Lua.

The death of Flash means the original Zombo.com no longer plays on most browsers, but a fan created an HTML5 version if you’d like to relive the heady days of 1999.
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...a fan, and mefite!
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Well, I guess that our work here is done!
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Looked at my history and I’m averaging one front-page post every five years. Hope that one was worth it. See you in 2025!
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Cavanagh also recently open sourced the VVVVVV code which means it can be improved. A lot of people have had a chuckle about a 318-case switch block. Cavanagh's twitter response was, "Every screenshot I see posted of terrible things in the VVVVVV source code only makes me more powerful".
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VR is good now
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fleacircus, thank you for that, the improved veni vidi vici is really... something.
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This is what VR was created for, this is the kind of stupid I need and want on the web.

Best of.
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Holding out for VR Hamster Dance.
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Fuck. I had just accomplished everything I wanted to do on the old Zombo.com.

The only limit was me.
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It's "hampster," so soon we forget!
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Time to get headset, VR has finally found the question that it answers.
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Zombocom was from 1999?

Oh ok so I'm a thousand years old
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Huh. Maybe 2020 isn't going to be so bad after all.
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Wow, that switch statement. He didn't even name his states? What kind of a brain can work that way?
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It's "hampster," so soon we forget!

Damned autocorrect!!!

*shakes fist at kids these days*

Why, in my day, we had to misspell things the hard way, with laziness or carelessness or bad spelling or irony.
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> See you in 2025!

Not likely. Now that humanity has nothing left to strive for, the spiral into extinction will just spin that much faster.
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Back in '99/2000 I babysat a friends 8 mo old boy. The poor tyke had colic or some such and was hard to get to sleep. Zombo.com put that kid out in no time.
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