"Grace was like, school is so cool, I want to go to more college."
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Artist Kristina Wong just released Season 2 of Radical Cram School, a kid-centered web series mixing humor and political critique. In Season 2, the Young Rebels retell the herstory of Grace Lee Boggs, and find how what happens when kids cross the border into Puppetland, where no humans are allowed. In Season 1, Wong brought her comedic verve to episodes like "Media Studies" in which Resistance Auntie finds out why Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth and "Statistics," in which the Young Rebels learn the bitter taste of wage inequality through sweet sweet cookies.
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That was delightful.
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Also, the cheesy canned intro music we're slagging a few threads down works perfectly here.
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OMG!!!! Kristina Wong is a huge fave for me and I did not know this existed. Thank you so much!
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This is really great. This is exactly the kind of thing I wish I could have watched as a kid, and am glad I can watch as a bigger kid.
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This is wonderful; I'm late getting to it but thank you for posting it.
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