Macro photos of insects, taken by Sasi Kumar on his smartphone
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Sasi Kumar is a 20-year-old university student based in Vellore, India who’s also an amateur photographer in his free time. His passion is to go into the fields around his city and photograph the hidden world of bugs that most people just travel past. [...] “I use various types of lenses to capture tiny insects which provide me with a much closer magnification,” Kumar tells SWNS. “All the photos are captured through my mobile phone.” (PetaPixel | sasikumar_ksk on Instagram)

Technical specs: he uses two smartphones for his photography, a OnePlus 6t (which has 16MP+20MP dual rear camera) and a Redmi Note 3 (which as a 16MP single rear camera). He uses lenses from Apexel.
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Via mltshp.
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These photos are astonishing. Thanks for sharing.

The first link is best viewed from bottom up, in a way. As soon as you see the pictures at the bottom, you will want to know, how the hell does he do that with a smartphone?

Any photographers here know how focus works with these contraptions? I'm assuming there's no autofocus when your subject is this small...
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It looks like he's using a Moment (or similar brand) Macro Lens. Fantastic photos for sure.

When I travel, I try and find something that's in the region that's perhaps ignored by most people but makes me think of the place. For example, in Spain I did Orange Grove Tool Sheds (mefi). I'm currently in Vanuatu and am considering Hermit Crabs, but am finding it difficult to get good shots as they move fast and the focus on my Note camera sucks (I don't have a macro lens and the little guy in that Insta photo is smaller than my fingernail.)

This dude's photos are an inspiration.
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And of course I missed the call out to Apexel. Sorry.
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Oh man, yesssss. I love taking macro photos of insects. I need to look into micro lenses for my iphone 11.
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Wow those are amazing photos! I loved this, and now I'm off to go research macro lenses for my phone.
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