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Queering Shakespeare: Tessa Gratton on Lady Hotspur and her adaptation of Henry IV, Part I. Source material: Project Gutenberg, youtube (edited version).
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Henriad-lover here. Incredibly excited by this; while I'm thoroughly intrigued by her Hal/Hotspur re-imagining, I am most thrilled by the possibility of a queered and re-gendered Falstaff. Doesn't get much discussion in the linked article, so I suppose I have little choice but to buy the book! Have you read it, curious nu?
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I'm reading the book right now - I'm really into it! Sharp writing, sharp politics, emotionally involving relationships. (I will say that this far into the book, the Falstaff character is quite a minor character, though I like her.)
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I'M SO HYPE FOR THIS BOOK I requested it from my library and I'm absolutely on tenterhooks for it

If you haven't read her retelling of King Lear, The Queens of Innis Lear, it will pull your heart out through your mouth with its strange and sorrowful magics. I read 100 sci-fi/fantasy novels last year and it was one of the five or six that stuck with me long after I finished.
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