Animal Antics
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h/t Fizz
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The bears are a classic display of dominance. The baby is delighted/ful.
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The baby is basically amazing. One of my favourite photos is of my five year old niece hand feeding my one year old nephew ice cream. It is the lock screen on one of my phones. They are both so very, very careful and serious about it, like ice cream is a precious, precious thing that must be handled with care.

The Digg link isn't working for me for the Grizzly Bears -- I end up having to click over to YouTube to watch it. If that's true for everyone, maybe ask the mods to sub the YouTube link directly?
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RE: Elephant, Bellboy: “Sir, did you need help with your trunk?”
RE: Baby, absolutely cuteness, I love the way her eyes spark open.
RE: Bears, they are beautiful from afar but I have no desire to ever, ever, see one in the wild because they will seriously fuck you up.
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I gave my granddaughter her first taste of chocolate. She had a similar look in her eyes as the ice cream baby.
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Thanks, jacquilynne, I let the mods know.
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[Swapped links!]
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Bear eats ice cream

Looked for a “bear fights baby” vid but it’s complicated.
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Bear eats ice cream

Bear driven to Dairy Queen by Milkshake Duck
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To be fair, the bears looked like any Friday night at the bars near me....
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Groucho Marx voice: "How that elephant got into my hotel, I don't know." But seriously, I want to know. And its graceful movement was beautiful.

The baby / ice cream one was in my Twitter feed yesterday. The unadulterated "I WANT THAT!" is pretty amazing. (Also such a big, round scoop. I guess I haven't had ice cream at that kind of shop in a long time.)

And fascinating to watch the bear fight, and try to figure out who is "winning." (Especially as that kind of display isnt a fight to the death, right?) Didn't one end up with his ears pinned backwards (indicating fear)?
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Anyone involved in trying to take that ice cream back from its rightful baby owner should be ostracized.
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One of my favourite photos is of my five year old niece hand feeding my one year old nephew ice cream.

I didn't have a camera on me, but one of my favorite sites was at the reception for my god-daughter's christening; the restaurant we were at whipped up a big batch of pink cotton candy for the event, placing a platter at each table. My god-daugher's older sister was just shy of two years old, and had never seen cotton candy before - and looked completely and utterly baffled when offered it, and even though she clearly realized it tasted good after tasting it, she still had this "this is blowing my mind, man" look on her face the whole time.
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