The Incredible Adventures of Man Spider
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Or Spiders-Man!
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Know the emptiness that tethers us to the earth

It's Kafka, only cuddlier!
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In my opinion man-spider should have experienced some uniquely human interactions like the first day of school, the business meeting (like doing your taxes for example), and long pointless lines like voting in some areas or registering for college classes. And experiencing the dread of expecting to be eaten by your mate, but instead experiencing...something else.
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I'm acquainted with Dolan--we've read together a couple of times, and I'm good friends with the folks who run the press that published his first collection (they were, in fact, the first people to ever publish anything I wrote)--and I remember him telling the audience, last time we read together, that he'd, basically, woken up one morning the week before, and had decided, more or less on a whim*, that he was going to try his hand at this whole writing comics thing. Good to see him on the blue!

*at least, that's how he made it sound. I dunno whether to take him at his word or not. Those fiction writers, man. Can't never tell whether they're being professional or not.
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I'd say he missed an important element of "spider with the powers of a human" by focusing on anxiety and ignoring rage, greed and other deadly sins - basically "man's inhumanity" to everything. ManSpider would be a much better supervillain.
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Oh man this is too real.
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This reminds me of my fantasy of an alternate version of The Fly following the titular insect as it goes through a horrible and painful mutation process into a tiny Jeff Goldblum, and the havoc it wreaks on his friend-flies and loved-ones-flies.
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Well I liked it.
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