It's all of us caring for each other.
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The Feminist Survival Project 2020 Emily and Amelia Nagoski wrote a book about burnout and ways to complete the stress cycle with concrete, specific, and evidence-based methods. Then they made a podcast about it. This podcast is changing my life.

Here are the basics:
- The cure for burnout is not "self-care", it's all of us caring for each other.
- The four ways to move through the stress cycle are physical activity, imagination, creative self-expression, and connection.

Episodes include things like:
- Complete the Stress Response Cycle
- How to Rage
- How to Sleeping
- How to Art
- Is It Burnout or Is It Trauma?

Here's a 22 minute preview of their ideas: Emily & Amelia Nagoski, Burnout - XOXO Festival (2019)
Here's the book: Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle

Caveats: Because their work is based on existing research, it focuses on men and women and doesn't allow for other genders or lenses.
Also, their XOXO talk spoils the ending of Moana.
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Oh my god--I found the book totally by accident the other day and immediately put a hold on it, and you're saying they have a podcast too?!? omg. OMG.

Emily Nagoski is a brilliant writer and thinker, and I'm off to go and have a listen. Previously on her first book, Come As You Are.
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Thank you for posting this! I just reserved the book at the library but may have to just buy it instead.
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co-sign on the thanks for this! only listened to the intro so far but I love this idea conceptually and practically. will devour the series with great enthusiasm.
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My one goal in 2020 is to live intentionally in a way that recognizes and addresses my burnout. I read the Nagasaki sisters’ book on the first week of the year, filled five pages of a notebook with quotes and information from it, and am trying to figure out how many of my dear friends need a copy too. I’m here for anything they do.
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I just started reading the Burnout book, will have to check out the podcast as well. Thanks!
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