The Girlfriend's Guide to the Gods
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This is the first myth: that your boyfriend from when you were fifteen will come and get you out of hell. He might come, but he won’t get you. You will never have an interesting conversation with him, though his haircut will suggest that he should be interesting.

A story at, by Maria Dahvana Headley
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"[H]ello heart, hello hope, this is how motherfucking goddesses of love get made. Out of smashed things and blasted things and things burnt and blistered, out of old bad knowledge and out of making your way through the holy impossible."
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"Zeus will still have an AOL account." I love this story.
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I want so badly to share this story, and I’ve been thinking through the people I know that I could send them a link to it, and then I realized, aside from one person, the people I’d want to share this story are pretty much the people here.

The one person, oddly enough, is a good friend of mine who was my girlfriend in high school for a brief time, and as much as I want to send her the link, I’m terrified which of the shitty men in the story she’ll think I most closely map to.
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Thanks, OP! I enjoyed this story so much.
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Fuck. Getting older. Lives lived. Chapters opened and closed. Middle age is when enough unexplainable shit has happened to you that you've truly lost the narrative thread.

I don't know if I believe it, but I'll raise this tumbler of gin on ice to the idea of Aphrodite and morning.
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this is the best story???? Holy all the things
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Relatable. To the point of sobbing openly on the tube.
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This is amazing -- a very lovely gut punch to start my week out. Thank you so much for posting.
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“You will be missing information” - ain’t that the truth. But god help me, I still love Bukowski.

This was an amazing way to start the last, bleary week of January. Thank you for posting it!
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So good. Thank you.
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Awesome story. publish so much good free short SF!
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This was amazing. Thanks so much.
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