The computer is a magic box. Many graphic images are hidden inside it.
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The Art Of Computer Designing: A Black and White Approach "This book is a beginner's introduction to calling forth these images as author Sato shows how to create figures with basic shapes - i.e., lines, arcs, squares and circles - and does so simply, clearly, and above all very logically. This is an everyday guide to computer illustrating, a collection of design ideas and a compendium of Mr. Sato's own computer art works. All the shapes in this book are black and white, but it is a black and white world full of potential. Just looking at the myriad manifestations of form is a joy, but for those who will use it to begin creating their own shapes this book offers far, far greater pleasure." [courtesy the Internet Archive]

Author Osamu Sato [official site|Internet Archive] is also known for his musical score for LSD: Dream Emulator [previously].
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This is entirely wonderful. And I'm digging the single-line (plotter?) art in the first couple of chapters.
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Damn this is some good content lately, please more of this.
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This is incredible.. thank you
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The computer is a magic box... yes, and today, mine is a malevolent magic box, in the mold of the Sorcerer's Apprentice.
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Many graphic images are hidden inside it.

Hahahahaha. Yeah, I bet they are.
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Can we please put up a NSFW tag warning on the official site link?

I was at work, clicked on the link and was immediately confronted with the text:




I noped out the the site so fast I broke land-speed records. That's really not the kind of thing I want showing up on my work computer.
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Wait, that Osamu Sato? The guy who did Eastern Mind? This is intriguing and I'm looking forward to spending some time with this book.
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Does anybody have a link to what's on the included data disk in the back?
Hahn Rossman
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