Generative art, built from genetic code of artificial events
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Generative art can be an intimidating topic — it seems like there is a lot of math involved, and art is tricky in itself! But, it doesn’t have to be difficult — you can build some really cool things without a math or art degree. This post will break down what generative art even is and how you can get started building your own generative art. (Free Code Camp) Ready for some next-level stuff? Dig into 22 years worth of papers from Generative Art Conferences. OK, too much? Weave silk, er, create generative art online (previously), or pick up some generative art placeholders [via Mltshp], in patterns made up of colored cells, in the style of Piet Mondrian, Georg Nees, Vera Molnar's Un Deux Trois artwork, Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album cover, made of colorful triangle mesh, circles packed together, or mazes created using the 10 PRINT Commodore 64 generative art program.
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I promise myself that when I'm able make a dozen or two clones of myself that I'm going to play with Shadertoy. (warning, beefy GPU required, browser crash possible)
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Currently my favourite way to make generative [visual] art is with v21's Cheap Bots, Done Quick! or its Mastodon equivalent. Some advantages:
* Easy to share output since it's already on social media
* Social media followers can curate the goodbest posts for you
* No need to install development environments or host a server for the code
* Generating SVG code in Tracery is a constrained design space that forces creativity, compromise, and simple concepts.
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Some more links:

  • r/generative
  • r/proceduralgeneration
  • r/gonwild <-- notice the missing 'e'. r/gonewild is NSFW. r/gonwild is wild polygons.
  • Structure Synth
  • Context Free Art

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    I was thinking of making a new FPP for this, but perhaps two generative art posts so close together makes little sense. So instead, do please read this article: The Tools of Generative Art, from Flash to Neural Networks

    ...and check out the artists mentioned therein:

  • Sougwen Chung
  • Joshua Davis
  • LIA
  • Ben Fry
  • Casey Reas
  • Aaron Koblin
  • Robert Hodgin
  • Mario Klingemann
  • Joel Simon
  • Anna Ridler

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