Moonshine is a party for the music you like, and be free
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For Pierre Kwenders (personal site), Bonbon Kojak (Soundcloud) and the rest of the Moonshine collective (official site), a full moon means it's time for another underground rave in a secret location. Moonshine Brings Diversity and Inclusiveness to Montreal's Underground Party Scene -- "It’s not a black party or a queer party or African party" (Complex). The collective celebrates its celebrates 5th anniversary (Fact Magazine) with SMS for Location, Vol. 3. In proper underground rave style (updated a bit), you can text them or join their Whatsapp group to download the compilation for free, or pick it up from Bandcamp.

You can keep the party going with SMS for Location, Vol. 1 (official site; Soundcloud) and Volume 2 (official site; Soundcloud).
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merci 🙏🏽☮️💖
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Here in L.A., we have Black Charmed hosting similar events, and I'm so grateful for it. A new generation is creating the dance utopia that felt so desperately absent during my peak clubbing years in the late '90s-early '00s. Back in the day, the various (queer-coded) scenes were so aggressively self-policing: twinks go here; leather daddies go there; and non-white faces/bodies were either tokenistic, fetishized, or invisible. Nowadays, it feels like an act of resistance to create spaces which exist to uplift and create joy.
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Found from Benji B on BBC Radio 1 (general link to his program), specifically his his show last week (Jan. 23, 2020, via 1001 Tracklists), when he played Dinamarca - Culebra, and said he had listened to it on repeat for hours, after finding it more or less randomly on Bandcamp. He mentioned the compilation name, but nothing of the label/ collective.

Finding out more about Moonshine made this random discovery all the better. Everything about the collective, and their music, makes me so very happy. Inclusive scene for people who like off-beat music, secret raves, and a gorgeous variety of sounds and styles.
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@filthy light thief, if you like Dinamarca you'd appreciate the entire NAAFI collective and all their affiliates, not to mention Dinamarca's own collective (Staycore) and artists like Mechatok, Mobilegirl, Endgame, Kamixlo, Debit, etc.

Zutzut from NAAFI is a Moonshine alum
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Cpt. The Mango, thank you!
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Fun fact about Moonshine: the second coefficient in the Fourier expansion of the normalized j-invariant is 196,884 -- one more than 196,883, which is the degree of the smallest complex representation of the Monster group.
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Moonshine is an incredible party. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one last summer and had an amazing time. If you get the chance—go!
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