But they didn't say goodbye.........
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Dinosaurs eating people;
Dinosaurs in love....
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I cannot convey how much I adore this.
The passion!
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Three different people sent this to me and said it reminded them of my kid. Biggest compliment ever.
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I'm impressed by the way she knew how to add drama to the end by slowing down.
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"They never said goodbye"

Because goodbye means forever.
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The author Chuck Wendig re-tweeted the song yesterday with this comment:

"I finally listened to his to be like ha ha let's hear this fun song by a 4 year old and now I am sobbing at my desk oh hi hello good morning everyone"

yes. exactly.
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There's something specific going in the heads of English girls and frankly I'm afraid.

Clearly the youth of today identify with a species that was facing sudden mass extinction.
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The (recently) animated version is equally lovely.
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