100 Days of Art History Jinjins
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Artist and Designer Jinjin Sun: "I'm slowly working my way through a personal project to do 100 master studies, faceswapping myself into each one as I go. This started as a 100 Day Project back in 2018 and quickly turned into a longer-term project that helps me express myself, explore my identity in relation to Western art history, and skill up in drawing."
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oh, she also has a few timelapse videos of drawing these (youtube playlist)
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The ones where she is both the Madonna and the Child are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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Reminds me of someone....
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This is delightful. I love that even the animals are included.
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Yesssssss! Jinjin's work is so great, I have enjoyed every single one of these, and as someone who's still mostly shying away from representative painting I am really really admiring her willingness and ability to tackle style after style in this project.

I hang out in a slack visual art channel with her and get to chat about art stuff now and then and it's been really fun to see this series come along over time. She said she started looking to stained glass stuff in a way that led to her Donna of Mercy painting last year partly because of my chattering about my newfound enthusiasm for stained glass, and then after she posted that rebent messaged me on another channel to be like "hey you should check out this cool stained glass painting". Which was a good enough little loop that I turned around and said I'd make a stained glass ouroboros to celebrate.
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I love this!
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I love the time and globe-spanning diversity of art she has chosen. She made herself the Venus of Willendorf!😂
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I love self insertion! See also Yasumasa Morimura.
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I love this so much it almost feels like it's driving me crazy. You don't realize how thirsty for representation you are until you see it.
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