How much do you love your pet?
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Please also consider patronizing my new venture, Mr. Kibble, which offers giant cans of pet food especially prepared for humans' enormous, unhealthy dietary needs. Now available in wet or dry.
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All pizza is for pets.

Source: a dog.
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Let's see, we live outside of Boston, and they're a South Korean pizza chain. That's a distance of, like, 6800 miles or so.

Do you think we're in their delivery radius?
posted by Xiphias Gladius at 7:07 AM on February 2 [1 favorite]

Pretty mean IMO. How does the pet pick up his slice? Sounds like a lot of frustration, pushing the pizza around on the floor, trying to get a bite.
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Don't you handfeed pizza to your pups? I know I do, but then, they have excellent manners.
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I was handfeeding pizza to my pup while reading this!
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DIY, by Giordano's
posted by chavenet at 9:11 AM on February 2

I loved Mr. Pizza when I lived there. I'm sure my two cats would love their own pizzas. I haven't had a sweet potato pizza since leaving Korea. Now I want one.
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If you search "Mr Petzza" on youtube, there are some videos of adorable dogs reviewing the petzza. I'm choosing to link this one because their dog Willow looks like my old dog Samson [previously].
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cats can have a little pizza
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as a treat.
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Little a pizza
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So I just got an advertisement from Burger King, and they are now offering something called the Dogpper (link in Korean).
posted by Literaryhero at 4:12 PM on February 16

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