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In Focus, The Atlantic's long-running photo series, is focusing on US States this year. Every week will bring a photo set for a new state.

Published so far:
Wyoming: The Equality State
Georgia: The Peach State
Indiana: The Hoosier State
Hawaii: The Aloha State

New photo sets will come out once a week, and The Atlantic has a five free articles per month policy without becoming a subscriber, so you can stay up to date on all states without subscribing if you so choose.
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Thanks for posting about this! I'll be back to see more states as the year goes on. I lived in Wyoming for a year and these pictures actually made me a bit homesick for it. Such a beautiful place, but such a wrong wrong place for me to be.

One thing these four VERY different states have in common: pictures of horses. I guess one just can't resist pictures of our majestic equine friends on the beach, in the mountains, on the streets pulling a wagon, in the pasture...I can't complain. Horses!
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The one on Georgia was good, but too Atlanta-centric. And they totally ignored the second largest city in the state.
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These are incredible! The Indiana photos make me midwest homesick and the Georgia photos make me want to head down there.
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The Georgia one features a lot of Cumberland Island... growing up in NE Florida we went to Cumberland Island a lot and it's every bit as magical as those pictures make it out to be. Absolutely visit if you can.
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Years ago National Geographic did a "ZipUSA" thing where they'd feature a different zip code in each issue. I liked it a lot. This kind of scratches the same itch, in a more generalized way.
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Lots of great armchair travel opportunities in that site! Thanks for posting!
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