Getting up close and personal with the moon
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Andrew McCarthy explores the universe from a backyard in Sacramento, CA, and shares his images on Instagram. Recently, he shared a 400 Megapixel Moon photo on EasyZoom. If you want to name the features you're seeing, check out Visit The Moon's lunar atlas, or Google Moon for a different view. McCarthy also provides a short video introduction to amateur astronomy, breaking down how to better see into space. [via Mltshp]
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Holy cow, I can see Buzz Aldrin's shoe.
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It's great that he talks about using binoculars to see the moon and stuff but it's worth mentioning that you'll want a pair that will take a tripod adapter. Very few things are as stunning as a rock steady view of the moon through binoculars.
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Oh wow, these are awesome! It's amazing what's possible for the amateur astronomer today. I've been following okewoke on Instagram, who is doing crazy astrophotography of nebulae, galactic clusters, and a particularly stunning 31 hour exposure of the Vela Supernova Remnant (among other things) from his backyard in Auckland. What a time to be alive!
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Those are amazing photos, but I must admit my disappointment that it's a different Andrew McCarthy than I was expecting/hoping.
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Same, Alvy.
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