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Google Opens Votes For Your Pokémon Of The Year, All 890 Included [Nintendo Life] “In the build-up to Pokémon Day, taking place on February 27th, Google has opened a voting system which allows fans to display their love and affection for their favourite Pokémon. You can access the voting form by clicking here (can also search 'Pokémon of the Year' or 'Pokémon' in Google). You can actually vote for one Pokémon per region once per day, with voting closing on 14th February. Google notes that "all forms of each species count as the same Pokémon" and that "your votes will be stored until the vote ends and cannot be deleted".”
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something something Iowa caucus app dev something
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Many of you people may be reading this post and thinking that this is stupid, or has nothing to do with you, or just know nothing about Pokemon. To you I say, vote for Eevee.
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Vote Slowpoke because you know Slowpoke won't even start campaigning till December or so
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You're correct Fizz, it IS Psyduck as the best Pokemon.
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Swablu surely
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Abomisnow, who is a tree and a yeti, two of the best things in the world.

(My Alakazam named Nicodemus from my first playthrough of Blue is my personal fave, of course)
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Finally, Hoppip's time to shine!

(I habitually use Hoppip as a my profile pic for dumb online stuff where it's not important to have a picture of my face [unlike dumb online stuff where it is; say, LinkedIn] and I don't know why that little pink turnip Pokémon resonates so much with me but, heck, it does.)
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im still waiting for one of these magikarp senators to finally evolve into something useful
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im still waiting for one of these magikarp senators to finally evolve into something useful

They're like Cubone, but the skull is the Constitution
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Aromatisse, obvs.
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i'm reminded of trying to strategically vote for characters in fire emblem heroes (a different version of anna for every game she's in?? versus everyone's favorite handful from fates and awakening) as i try to reason out if more people will be voting for the baby version of my favorite pokemon and i should pick that one. unless "all forms of each species" means all the evolutions??

also i have to figure out what region my favorite pokemon's from because i've only played go and i don't know things
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Bulbapedia to the rescue, gaybobbie!
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Snorlax, you cretins.
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It's weird to go into a voting booth and recognize all the candidates
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Bulbasaur! We're number 1!
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~ Is talking with some Russians to get them to game the vote and make it Pidgey.
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Having read through the Pokemon handbook (multiple editions) multiple times it was kind of neat realizing I have favourites.
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"your votes will be stored until the vote ends and cannot be deleted".

Gotta cache 'em all?
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Wait, let me try that again: votes are write-only? I demand the ability to modify my hastily-made decision after the fact via standard HTTP. Gotta PATCH 'em all.
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As someone who has overheard others excited conversations about Pokeman, seen brief snippets of videos from the shows, movie and game and occasionally read what other people have said about the app/game and has now quickly browsed through the entirety of the Pokédex I feel well qualified to give my unqualified support to Pyukumuku as my choice not only for Pokémon of the year but quite possibly the greatest of all time!
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Snorlax hive, assemble! I've never even played a single Pokemon game (video or card) or watched an entire episode of any of the cartoons -- and yet that big, sleepy roundboi is my favorite.
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Team Rattata
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Eee! How am I supposed to choose?!?
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~ Is talking with some Russians to get them to game the vote and make it Pidgey.
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Flagged as abuse.
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I have a feeling Slowking will be happy even if he doesn't win, but I have to vote for the candidate with Oblivious/Own Tempo abilities. A poke who speaks for me.
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Kanto, Kanto, Kanto. All anyone ever talks about is Kanto. Rockruff 4 lyfe.
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I would've said Snorlax, but that was before I learned about Cacnea.
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You're correct, it is Psyduck.
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Charizard has the 8 year old boy vote locked up in this household.

(He started playing the card game in November and is fully into it)
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Grumble. Grumble, can't vote for alternate forms. Galaran Wheezing is my number one (I named mine "Capitalism" and I chuckle every single time.) and I don't particularly like regular Wheezing. How do I vote now, Google?!
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♫ Jiiiiiiigglypuuuuuuuff. ♫
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I actually HAVE a stuffed Psyduck on my desk.

I worry victory would be too much pressure for Psyduck, but worry Psyduck would feel neglected if I voted for another.

I can relate. I need to think about this. Where's my Tylenol?

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I only play Pokemon Shuffle. Lunala it is.
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i like pidgey bc its only goal is to get fat and live on an island with other fat pidgeys
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Totodile. Makes me go 'eeeeee'.
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Going through the various regions, I found it interesting that in some cases I had a very obvious favorite (Dragonite, Espeon) and in others I had some difficult picks to make (Absol vs. Flygon). Some generations resonated with me more than others. Gen 5 was just "Uhh... Zoroark I guess?" IMO, Sword/Shield overall has the best new pokemon designs since Hoenn.

If you don't know what your favorite pokemon are, there's a tool that will give you a ranked list, entirely accurate provided that your pokemon preferences are well-ordered.
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I've had fairly minimal contact with Pokemon fandom in my life, but I still deeply and passionately want zubat to win.
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My favourite thing about the Pokemon franchise, and I suspect the reason why it's such a cultural juggernaut, is that nearly every Pokemon is someone's favourite. Obviously there's a few that get the lion's share of attention, Pikachu, Eevee, the starters, but if you had a Pokemon game that was just those five, almost no-one would be happy with it.
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also dreepy, i feel a very close emotional connection to dreepy in that it is kind of stupid and useless until it makes friends and then those friends launch it screaming through the air to attack its enemies in the face and that is my dream
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Clearly, the real monsters are in this thread because no one has mentioned Growlithe, the puppy Pokemon. I realize there are now multiple teams worth of dog Pokemon--Yamper, c'est moi--but Growlithe was the original.
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MissingNo wins or we riot, right? The fact that Pokémon video games are glitchy garbage is seriously the best thing about them. Imagine an alternate history where Generation I embraced the Mew glitch, legitimized the Generation II cloning glitch and Generation III just kept looking the other way at the absolute brokenness of Pickup at even the very lowest levels!

Yep, I'm ready to reject whatever official choice turns up (especially Psyduck, who does not even rate as the best duck).
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Link rot has already claimed the post, but here's what seems to be a stable Newsweek link bearing the results for this pointless pokémon popularity poll. Here are the top ten:
1) Greninja
2) Lucario
3) Mimikyu
4) Charizard
5) Umbreon
6) Sylveon
7) Garchomp
8) Rayquaza
9) Gardevoir
10) Gengar
The official website gives my browser an allergic reaction, but go there if you must. On the bright side, I went back and found a Ruby save file I abandoned just before my multiple Zigzagoons all learn Covet simultaneously, so maybe I'll go steal everything that's not nailed down for a while.
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