Facing Serial Unemployment, it's Time for a New Game Plan.
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Facing Serial Unemployment, it's Time for a New Game Plan. Anyone else frustrated with jobs that disappear out from under them? What is the "new game plan" that works? (Say an unemployed person realizes that these Boston Globe articles disappear just as fast as their jobs do. In solidarity with other unemployed workers, they violate copyright and cache this article on a website. Do we prosecute?)
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my old jobs are stuck in my cache. one time i hit my back button and there i was, making pizza's again.
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I was a rookie writer at a local afternoon daily in Southern California, cutting my teeth. Local afternoon dailies were dropping like flies, guys from the big Metro Daily in our area were snooping around and everyone was talking about them buying us to consolidate the ad revenue. Their rep showed up for an official meeting, and gathered everyone around. He told us that they were indeed going to buy our paper, and not to worry, because our jobs were safe. As he was talking though, he started to sweat, and I mean sweat, pouring over his head like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News. The newsroom was fully air-conditioned, but this guy's whole shirt was sopping wet in 10 minutes, I swear it is the truth. A month later, I got a call at 6 a.m., after working until 2 a.m. covering the sports desk the night before. It was my editor. First thing he says:
"You know how you've been thinking about leaving your job? Well, it's leaving you!"
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I could have written that article. I was laid off in September 2001, found a new job October 15, and was laid off December 21. I spent the first five months of 2002 unemployed, and man, it sucked.

I got a new job in May, and so far it's going well ... but after the events of the last year, I doubt misfortune could sneak up on me again ... at least in that way.
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lost mine on monday.
be careful out there, kids. it's not fun.
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