Ecuador vs. Chevron
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Environmental lawyer who won case against Chevron for causing "Ecuadorian Chernobyl" has lost everything.

International arbitration and corporate impunity: Ecuador ordered by international trade court to reverse ruling and pay damages to Chevron.

If that sounds about as bad it could get, the attorney for Chevron has now won a Freedom of the Press award.
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I am not in New York. Who is? How do we support him?

If 99 mobile phones can thwart Google maps - do meals, flowers, cards delivered from friends and neighbours provide support.
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Do we tell Rex Weyler about the harm done to the United States? Louisiana is suing Chevron for billions of dollars in lost marshlands.

Making Chevron and other companies clean up the messes created by their oil production will speed the transition away from fossil fuels, according to Rex Weyler, an environmental advocate who co-founded Greenpeace International and directed the original Greenpeace Foundation. “If hydrocarbon companies are forced to pay for the true costs of their product, which include these environmental costs, it will make the alternative energy systems more competitive,” said Weyler.

Accordingly, Weyler feels that the climate movement should focus on Chevron’s case — and Donziger’s legal battle. “One of the most effective things climate activists can do right now to change the system would be to not let Chevron get away with polluting in these countries, whether Ecuador, Nigeria, or anywhere” said Weyler.

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If you'd like to support him, there is (which I got from his twitter but can't otherwise authenticate). There's also a petition link on his website.
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Sounds like Chevron owns the judge in this case.
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