Delicate structures made with steady hands and many coins
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These are delightful. I love the way they brace their pinkies against the table for stability when placing each coin. Someone put so much thought into how to do this task!
posted by FallibleHuman at 2:59 PM on February 8

Cantilevered building with dry-fitted blocks is a super fun pastime. You can do it with wooden alphabet blocks, jenga pieces, checkers, coins, clay brick, concrete block, etc.
Some of the biggest breakthroughs of Late Roman through late gothic architecture are related to discovering and exploiting the type of arches, vaults and buttressing that work on the principles displayed in these videos— I love it all!
posted by SaltySalticid at 5:56 PM on February 8 [1 favorite]

This is literally giving me anxiety attacks.
posted by Eleven at 2:51 AM on February 9


In several senses of the word.
posted by GenjiandProust at 6:55 AM on February 9

It must really help to have coins with holes in the centers! Impressive work.
posted by Archer25 at 9:05 AM on February 10

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