Korean Classic Film — Korean Film Archive streaming 200 classic films
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For those looking to journey into Korean Cinema after Parasite's big win at the Oscars, the Korean Film Archive launched a YouTube channel with more more than 200 titles currently streaming, free to watch, with subtitles. VIA
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A Single Spark by Park Kwang Su is one of my favorites and very much worth watching if enjoy political/marxist cinema.
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oh wow thank you for this!!

it's so metaphorical
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What an incredible resource! Thanks for sharing!
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Here's an article about the channel that talks about some of the movies.

And here's Bong Joon-ho's entire feature length 2003 movie Memories of Murder, available on Youtube.
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Zombie movie TRAIN TO BUSAN was great! NYT Review
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Start and end with 'Save the Green Planet'.
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Memories of Murder is being reissued in U.S. theaters and on Blu-ray later this year following a recent 4K restoration, so if it’s an option I’d urge folks to please support that release rather than streaming a pirated version.
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(Is there any guidance available (in English) as far as appropriateness for kids, a rating system, etc.?)
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Yes! This is awesome! I was just talking about the gap in my knowledge of Korean cinema before bed last night, so this is very timely. Looking forward to seeing many of these!
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Excellent!! Thanks for posting.
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