What was your leg doing by his mouth?
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The Neighbor's Window, a short film by Marshall Curry. And winner of this year's Oscar for short film.

Possibly burying the lede and well deserving of its own FPP (but someone already got there first)- Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry, now the winner of the animated short film Academy Award.
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Worth noting that The Neighbor's Window is based on a true story, told by Diane Weipert on Love + Radio's "The Living Room," produced by Briana Breen and Brendan Baker. You can hear the original story here: loveandradio.org.

It's a very powerful short. Both this and Hair Love deserved these awards. They rip at your heart. Someone must be cutting onions in here.
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Wow. Watching children play through their bedroom window is creepy AF, but so is watching people fuck, so they're all creeps.

It occurs to me that the children can see into the sexy couple's place too.

Fucking curtains. We live in a society.
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I saw it as part of the live-action Oscar Shorts showing in the theater on Friday and it was cute but easily the worst of the five nominees. Brotherhood or Saria were so much better but were in foreign languages and didn't involve rich New Yorkers.
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I enjoyed it, but Brotherhood was to me far and away the best short, and I think this one won because Hollywood.
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I was actually gunning for Kitbull to take Best Animated short (Kitbull FPP previously), but if it had to lose, I'm glad Hair Love was the one it lost to.
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Hair Love was excellent and I was happy it won, though my personal favorite was Memorable.
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Hair Love was great but I felt like Memorable and Daughter were doing much more interesting things with animation.
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I didn't see the rest of the short films, but this was mesmerizing, for the intimate qualities, the reflexive relationship, kind of like that O Henry story about the gift, in which one lover sells her hair to buy a chain for his watch, and he sells the watch to buy combs for her hair. Wonderful tale, human scale, a small piece of the infinity of possibilities.
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See this.

That is all.
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Greg Keller, who plays the husband, was in a play I stage managed in the mid-aughts (same play with Colman Domingo) and also was one of the first winners of a playwriting contest I was running for a few years.
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Fucking curtains. We live in a society.

Exactly, but the curtains are for *you* to put up between you and whatever it is you don't want seen or to see.

Sometimes I walk around the city at night just so I can get little 2 second flashes of open-curtain peoples' living rooms and kitchens and the life that's happening in them. Great little film there.
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I came across as too harsh in my comment. This is a fun little film and I enjoyed it and any friend of The National is a friend of mine but the other four nominees are all so good, especially Brotherhood.
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I though Hair Love was really sweet, but the ending felt a little flat - it didn't really tie into meeting the mom. My favorite of the animated shorts was Daughter (Dcera).

The Neighbors' Window felt a little too O. Henry-ish for me. My fiancé and I actually brought The Gift after watching it. The one I would have voted for is A Sister, which while a fairly simple story, was very well done.
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how did you all watch Memorable? I'm considering paying to rent it on Vimeo.

Refinery29 has all the short films (live action, animation, documentary) nominated in this list along with where to watch them, if available.
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how did you all watch Memorable? I'm considering paying to rent it on Vimeo.

Saw it in the theater as part of the Oscar Shorts showing.
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