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"Let’s just blame it all on Washington, D.C. — it never gets old. The first known usage of emo dates back to the mid-1980s, when “emo-core” served as shorthand for “emotional hardcore,” a label applied to a wave of bands that deviated from the macho aggression of D.C. punk during the so-called Revolution Summer. What they had in common: a greater emphasis on melody, dynamics, and, yes, lyrics about feelings." The 100 Greatest Emo Songs of All Time
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Playlist is Spotify only. Also, it only contains 97 of the 100 songs for some reason.
posted by sideshow at 11:15 AM on February 13

had to crtl-f misogyny to make sure it was addressed, but otherwise took a nice love/hate trip through memory lane there
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I was ready to complain about this list but holy shit Shotmaker is on it? And Hoover? Nevermind.
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Wowsers, same goes for Swing Kids, Saetia, Orchid, Drive Like Jehu... a lot of stuff on here I have no interest in but hot dang there are some JAMS on here too.
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This is a perfectly cromulent listicle.

Especially the swipe at Panic! in the 90s.
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recognize some of the artist names but not a single song. Am I missing something, or should I just stick with Husker Du?
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My internet buddy Brad Nelson contributed to this and I love everything they do!
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philip-random, the only thing you're missing is that you should listen to the playlist because you might like it.
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I love this so much! Thanks for posting!

Too up my own ass as a grumpy metalhead high schooler in the '00s to appreciate this type of thing and I came around hard in the last few years. Can't wait to hear some new stuff.
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this is a great excuse to re-listen to one last wish.
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At first I was like needs more Conor Oberst and then I was like oh it's the wrong Conor Oberst. I feel like that is the reaction listicles are meant to provoke.
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This list is... good?

2x SDRE in the top ranks checks out but I still like minus the bear more than American Football, sue me
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I wasn't into Emo at the time but somehow "Out of Reach" by The Get Up Kids made it onto my computer and I loved that song. I may have heard the rest of the album it was on but that was the one that stuck for me. And it apparently wasn't good enough to make this list.
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Interesting to see confirmation of my long-held belief that emo and I missed each other entirely. Of the 100 greatest emo songs of all time, I only have one in my collection—“Savory” by Jawbox, and here it’s presented more as proto-emo, the fish that had to crawl out of the water before the genre could evolve. I’ll have to schedule a long road trip to listen to this entire playlist and see if I’ve been missing out.
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That is all.
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Something Corporate's “Konstantine" should be top 10, not #62, but other than that, seems good to me.
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Decent-ish list, but needs some Split Lip
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