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The Lit Pickers is a literary podcast by Supriya Nair and Deepanjana Pal. Recording in Mumbai, they look on literature from an Indian perspective. There have been four episodes so far, each with a theme, focusing on literary festivals, protest poetry, getting back into a reading habit, and books about Indira Gandhi.
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Thank you so much for posting this! I work in a noisy office and am always desperate for new podcasts, and this sounds perfect to end my week with.
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In some ways I regret linking to the Lit Pickers before this episode on Tolkien (though in other ways it would have made the entire discussion about Tolkien, which wouldn’t have been what I’d have wanted either), but Nair and Pal have a really great and balanced discussion about Tolkien’s works and legacy.
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This is so great! Adding it to my small list of actually good book podcasts. Thank you.
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