a spring with voices
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....several thousand hours of recordings.....

A grand.iose collection! This will be an enjoyable treat.
posted by mightshould at 7:52 AM on February 15

The dialect is specious, the quiet interviewer has great style, taking understatement to new depths. The birds are my constant, right now the captive conyers across the street whistle out. I love the mocking birds in season. His discussion of the three carrion crows who meet in a tree each morning, that marks the corners of three Lairds lands, who fly a message and then croverse for a certain amount of time then adjourn, this is the remarkable side of a life well attended. Thanks for this.
posted by Oyéah at 2:40 PM on February 15

What he said, about the dawn chorus.
Half the singers are gone since I was a child.
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Sort of related:

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