ABCD-East to west, going on an Alphaquest
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Doors up and down the halls / Wonder what's behind them all / Doors that lead to anywhere / Got to ABC what's there / Got to ABC decide / Where's the door I haven't tried / ABCD East to west / Going on an alpha quest! Alphaquest was a series of Sesame Street segments combining live action and animation, in which a girl goes through a hallway and into various rooms, each one representing a different letter of the alphabet.

The segments premiered in Season 21, in 1989.

Each segment consists of the same theme song: A very determined young girl is exploring a long series of hallways full of doors which are decorated by floating animated letters. On the last line of the song, she finds a door with one letter on it. She reads the letter and goes through the door, where she finds a a short adventure relating to that letter.

The theme song was written by Stephen Lawrence (music) and Mark Saltzman (lyrics).

The very determined girl was played by a child actress who didn't pursue acting into adulthood.

These are apparently all the segments that were made:









(This song has been in my head a lot lately so please enjoy)
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Oh wow, I hadn’t thought once about this song in thirty years, and yet as soon as I saw the post I could hear it instantly
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When I was watching these I eventually remembered when I was little I would think about how she's being tested & she really has to remember which doors she's already tried, & the letters only appear the first time. When she gets it wrong she gets transported back to her own time. None of that backstory was available to me anymore til I remembered it.
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Oh god yes I read "doors up and down the hall" and that's all it took for the song to be stuck in my head for, I estimate, six to eight weeks
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I absolutely don't remember this
watches a segment
holy shit I absolutely remember this

I remember wondering what she was looking for. I guess she never found it
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These were after my Sesame Street years.

I don’t think I’m ready to be old on metafilter yet.
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It's ok snuffy we know you're real!
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This gave me nightmares as a kid
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