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Bob Parlocha was a jazz radio institution. He began spinning disks over four decades ago. This program fillled the late night airwaves in many cities across the USA. Jazz with Bob Parlocha continued that KJAZ feeling for twenty years until Bob's death in 2015. You can stream hundreds of hours of JWBP on the internet.
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Sweet - each one is a downloadable MP3! I'm in heaven!

Over the years I recorded dozens of hours of his show off the radio (to minidisc, remember those?) and used them during many many practice sessions as I was building my repertoire. It was a hit-or-miss process, so I'm looking forward to giving all of these a listen. Now all I need is a playlist...
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this is wonderful - i used to work night shift at my job and back then, i could do my work with the radio on - i was pretty much sick of listening to commercial stations and the college station sometimes got too weird or dull, so i spent quite a few hours listening to jazz with bob parlocha and learned something about the music

he wasn't real adventurous and i wasn't into the torch ballads, but i liked the program and kept coming back for more
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Yeah, he definitely leaned toward what I guess you'd call mainstream or straight-ahead fare - but then so do I, so it was/is a good match.
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Don't ever discount the value of jazz radio DJs like this one in keeping the genre alive. I can think of guys like the indomitable Larry Smith who kept Chicago awake all night every night on WBEZ in the 80s and 90s; ever-jamming drummer and jazz scholar Dick Dickinson on WFYI in Indianapolis; and a guy I discovered after moving here to Syracuse, Leo Rayhill.
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Don't ever discount the value of jazz radio DJs like this one in keeping the genre alive.

Just want to mention WDET's Ed Love as well.
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Damn! This is awesome and such a great set of soundtracks to stream as I disconnect from the ongoing cultural mayhem. Thank you.
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