The Wildness of Maurice Sendak
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The Wildness of Maurice Sendak is a fine biographic orientation to where Maurice was coming from (particularly the strains of his childhood). It's by Gabrielle Bellot, who writes a column called Wander, Woman. As an introductory video, this Moyers interview from 2004 is also insightful. (Maurice is clearly moved by what Joe Campbell said about 'Wild Things').
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There's also a wonderful intimate interview/conversaton by Spike Jonze with Sendak, at Sendak's home. 'Tell Them Anything You Want'.
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This was fantastic. Thank you.

Outside Over There
was my favorite Sendak book as a girl, although I certainly liked Where the Wild Things Are. I remember looking at the author's name and thinking how different they were. It's tender and sad and amazing to think of it being, in some sense, the artistic legacy of a baby that died many miles away and years before.

I gave my old copy as a Christmas gift to a child, since I probably won't have any; he is clearly an Artiste right now, so I think I made a good choice.
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