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"our country has failed to make veterans, especially disabled veterans, a monetary urgency. Congress' attempt to honor and recognize our freedom fighters during their aged years must include the backing of the entire country."
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No one cares about veterans unless there is a war. Old, ugly, many homeless, they are an uncomfortable reminder of things most would rather not think about.

Veterans benefits are entitlements, of which to many think are synonymous with welfare. As a result of that, they are easy targets for cutting in favor of budget reform and debt reduction.

The only important benefit to many in congress is the burial benefit... the more that are gone and in the ground, the better. I'm a veteran... a disabled veteran, so I'm a little pissed over the whole thing. In fact, I've renounced my medals, my benefits, and regret my service in two campaigns.... fuck 'em.
posted by Dean_Paxton at 9:22 AM on May 28, 2000

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