Raspberry Pi - now in Blueberry and Strawberry flavors!
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Techie @sailorhg (sailor mercury), who likes to put the 🌸 soft in software 🌸, has made a name for herself writing approachable tech zines and making tech femme clothing and stickers. Last year, she converted her transit cards into wearable jewelry. This year, she's been building her own fruit-themed computers, like the Strawberry Pi and Blueberry Pi.

Her reasoning behind making Blueberry and Strawberry computers.

sailorhg also created the fairy floss text editor theme

Tortoise shell transit card accessories in the works!

Previously: Coding Like A Girl.
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I've been seeing a lot of grimdark "cyberdeck" builds lately, which maybe is part of why I feel that THESE ARE SO GOOD
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I love this so much! I wish this aesthetic was more popular or easier to find, it's all edgy red or blue LEDs everywhere.
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What does the flower emoji represent? A form of quotes or part of some words that I’m missing the interpretation of?

- not an emoji user
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Sorry drivingmenuts. Those are cherry blossoms. In sailorhg's pinned tweet, she puts them around "soft in software".
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Sailor Mercury or Sailor Mecurial?
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I adore her work and have been coveting those "git it girl" shirts ever since Chloe Condon posted a picture of hers.

Seeing other folks with a femme aesthetic in tech has been very important to me (I am the only woman on my product team and I hope more women and non-binary folks make the jump!).
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They remind me of the colourful iMacs (which is a good thing). I was always partial to Raspberry Pi cases made out of random Lego pieces.
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The Strawberry Pi needs more stuff inside the box to fill it out, like a cube of addressable LEDs or a completely unnecessary transparent-pipe water cooling system. Or just a lava lamp or something, I don't know.
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Did not read deeply, but I did not understand the empty space. A lava lamp would work for me.
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Reminds me of the Petticoat Five, just not lampoonishly gendered.
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