Beauty of snow and winter
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Snow, Powder Surfing + Debussy = Meditative

Shot in Colorado, and yeah it's not drone footage. So props to the cam guy.
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Gorgeous! Glade runs look bucolic. Would that I had the skills and confidence to traverse them.

Q: How did he just step out of his bindings at the end?
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They don't use bindings in powder surfing! Which is pretty cool.
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Less relaxing: REEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUREEEEEEE of the snowmobile he got back to

but yeah that is some powder-porn there.

If you like that, you'll like the light-suit segment of afterglow. Watch on a good monitor in HD!
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Wait, how is it not drone footage? Was there a floating cameraman? Very cool video. Were the trees dead, or do they just drop their leaves, I wonder.
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I really like the idea of powder surfing - without bindings, catching an edge is less likely to throw you suddenly to the ground. And if you lose control, just jump off! Like surfing! With extra gravity.
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They're skiing a burn. The first year or two after a forest fire, burns are typically poor places to ski. Lots of teetering deadfall and fire hardened punji sticks -- and you'll often look like a coal miner at the end of the day with all the ash and char.

But there's a magic decade or so after that when burns will make for terrific open tree skiing.

Near me, we've been skiing burns left by the 2003 fire in Kootenay National Park since about 2006 or so. It's almost done, though, as the regrowth (now 17 years old) at the lower elevations is an impressively tight sea of pine, the ones near the valley floor being over 2.5m tall now and almost impassable to push through on skis. We got about 15 years of skiing out of it, the wildflowers in the summer were and are spectacular, and it's been an amazing source of habitat and berries for the real locals (bear and moose and so on).
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Wait, how is it not drone footage? Was there a floating cameraman?

The cameraman is also surfing. Watch at 2:33, and you can see when the camguy surfs *ahead* of our main man and takes footage of him following behind. That's when you also see the camguy's snowboard track in the snow!
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Great video, I'd love to ride down that run, we usually don't get that kind of length out here, especially when foot powered on the climb, not getting up on a sled.

bumpkin, I've heard that's a great place to tour. We have our own little section here in the slack-country affectionately known as "the burn" and it's one of my favourite short trips.
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Oh, that's beautiful.
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Once on a family ski trip the weather turned very cold and ugly and the rest decided to retire to the ski lodge. I wanted to get one more run in. By the time I reached the top of the lift, it was a near complete white-out but I could barely make out the edges of the trail as slightly grey shadows. People talk about powder but I'm here to tell you that fresh snow is one thing and powder is another. This snow was at least knee deep and light as a cloud. The trail was absolutely silent and boarding it was the nearest thing to flying I've ever experienced. It was hard to tell up from down in the white-out conditions but the FEEL of the board was all it took to maintain balance and the turning seemed completely automatic. Powder was flying up left and right from my board, though I could barely see that either. It was truly magical.

Since then I have always had to bite my tongue whenever anyone comments on how nice the fresh "powder" is. I mean, it's not their fault they've never experienced REAL powder. I wouldn't have known either but for this one amazing experience.
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The cameraman is also surfing. Watch at 2:33,

But then clearly at 2:50 the camera goes way up high.
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Speaking as a parent of a snowboarder who loves the glades, it would be more relaxing to watch if this guy wore a helmet.
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I had to stop watching because the guy is flying through trees and is not wearing a helmet.

I mean, seriously, I grew up skiing Big Sky sans helmet. But it was the late 70s, no one wore helmets then, they weren't a thing. As an adult now, and a parent? I'd never let my kid out on the slope without one. I don't go out without one. It looks really weird to me to see people without the helmet. It's just too big a risk to take, and besides, they're actually great - your head is never cold, you have a place to prop your goggles when you lift them up.

I work with a lot of folks doing TBI research; we've had a few kids in the area die over the past few years from accidents skiing or sledding (speed + tree + no helmet is not a good outcome, the tree will win every single time). The part of the video that I did watch was really cool and looked like great snow... but I could not get past the lack of helmet.
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Team Helmet; could not watch the whole thing.
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I skied with a helmet for the first time two weeks ago and didn't know if I'd like it or not. I didn't mind at all! I'm not sure how much safety they actually provide re: concussions, but generally it is better to have head armor than not. They do clutter up mid-mountain lodge tables, though.
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Beautiful! As someone who has never, and will never, go snowboarding, I'm amazed by the amount of control. I had no idea how nimble those boards are.
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I thought the link was going to be this line-rider track.
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I've only been lucky enough to snowboard an untouched powder covered hill like this a couple times but it's such an amazing meditation. I find myself trying to leave as much untouched snow behind me as possible for the next person.
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