"Anything to declare?" *taps temple with finger*
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I kinda hope this is the brain that's been dreaming this reality and this discovery helps reset the timeline.
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Meanwhile in Miskatonic University, a fungus wearing a human face taps its claw on a desk and wonders what’s the hold up.
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From: Igor

To: Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

The A.B Normal brain has been held up in Customs. Don't know why.
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Eat jelly donuts and lose twenty pounds a day
Hear the story of the man born without a head
And top psychics all agree
That the telephone company
Will have a brand new service that lets you talk to the dead

Oh, Midnight Star
You can believe it if you read it in the weekly Midnight Star
They're keeping Hitler's brain alive inside a jar
Midnight Star, I want to know, I want to know
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I spent my university life with a pickle jar on the shelf full of formaldehyde with a cat brain with spinal cord just floating about. His name was Garfield and I had bashed open that skull with a hammer.

Dear Reader: high school biology when we still dissected animals. And I can give really good kitty massages because...well I spent weeks cutting one up into little bits.

OMG yes, my biology teacher let me keep Garfield's brain.

He was really fun at parties.
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I was immediately reminded of this movie scene
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I was wondering my mail ordered sourdough starter never arrived.
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When I was a child my mom gave us baby food to eat. Not because we were little, but because she needed those little jars. She was studying rat brains, so pickled rat heads, minus the top of the skull but including the face, appeared on a tray, in little jars, on the top of the refrigerator at home. It was a jarring sight, let me tell you. And yet, rather normal. At her lab there were a number of different subjects staring sightlessly back at you from the shelves.
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Also, once upon a time I was walking across campus to throw away my lunch trash and leave my plastic tray on the garbage can as one does. Staring me in the face was (I assume) a small monkey skull. Just sitting there on a tray on top of the trash can. Snatch! Mr. Monkey usually lived sitting on top of Garfield but one Halloween he got suck on top of a staff while I cut up my brown sheets to make a monk outfit and we went around blessing people and scaring people. I also drake a bottle sake that night and turned a bit green and was out of commission for a couple of days. All hail Mr. Monkey!

I still have a plastic human halloween skull sitting on a shelf staring at me every day all day to remind me of the impermanence of life. One day I'm going to shove a little computer with my life on it into that cranium and leave it to my family as an evil skull that can listen to them and talk to them and tell them stories.

Yes, this is totally a William Gibson Neuromancer / Wintermute / Ghost (In The Shell) sort of idea that makes me chuckle.
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