You Drank The Water? There's Nothing We Can Do!
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A non-speaking 7 year old with mutant mind powers is used to shelter a population from nuclear war, and while being there, life becomes a psychic/technological surveillance nightmare. The newest HBO series? No, it's Planet P Project's [Wikipedia] 1984 rock opera album [Discogs] Pink World [Wikipedia]. The full album [1h19m] is a terrific 80s rock journey; the accompanying video album [2 songs, 8m40s] was nightmare fuel for many of the MTV generation. I'm not alone in loving this album. [Blogspot] Lyrics for the album from Genius.

Planet P Project is Tony Carey, ex-Rainbow keyboardist, doing side projects. He also records and releases under his own name.
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We did this previously 8 years ago, but most of those links are dead now. And, well, times have changed a bit, and it feels a bit more vital today for a variety of reasons.
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Probably will be a series now that the glorious genre of rock song screen adaptation has been awakened
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If we are listening to Tony Carey, mention must be made of the exceptional song Fine Fine Day, which came out around the same time if my memory is correct.
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I loved Fine Fine Day, and I didn't know there was more to Planet P!
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This album contains far too many writing prompts to mention.
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