The defector who brought North-South Korean romance to life
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Oh, thank you for sharing. We started to watch this on Netflix the other day, and have to admit that we were curious about the politics behind the writing. Thanks!!
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From what I've seen of Korean TV ( The Good Doctor ) I can say they really don't pull their punches.
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CLOY (eponysterical?) is the first kdrama I've ever seen, and it may have gotten me hooked on the genre.

Youtube link to an interview with North Korean defector about her thoughts CLOY
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I haven't started 'Crash Landing on You' yet. I wasn't sure about starting another one that was getting the weekly-release treatment on Netflix, because I like to stick with kdramas that have Dramabeans recaps already posted for all the episodes. Also, I wasn't sure if there was going to be an ick-factor in the romantic lead being a North Korean soldier. Like, was this going to end up being like one of those gross romance novels with a WWII concentration camp Jewish heroine + SS officer hero, or the time-travel shenanigans ones where a modern-day heroine ends up with a pre-Civil War plantation-owner hero? So I'm glad to learn there was a defector on the writing team.

stchang, definitely check out Dramabeans if you're going on a kdrama kick. There are some kdrama threads on Fanfare (I've been pretty into them recently), but they don't generate much discussion here. (Understandably, I mean, logistically)
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