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I know we're living at the dawn of the age of deepfakes but I was still surprised by how convincing this is. I guess I should be glad that they chose the Navy Seals copypasta and not, say, the UwU copypasta, though I guess that one has more unpronounceable stuff (i.e.: it starts with "Rawr X3 *nuzzzles*").
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The pitch shifts were kind of weird (I wonder what the reason behind them is?), and would be a tell for someone trying to pass this off as real, but otherwise it's impeccable. The YouTube comments bring it up, but it does miss a lot of Zizek's more common ticks as well.
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Hee. Now do Noam Chomsky doing the Delta Gamma Sorority Girl Memo. (Actually, nevermind, it would be pretty hard to top the Michael Shannon dramatic reading.)
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Great, now do it with Werner Herzog please.
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"Great, now do it with Werner Herzog please."

Oh shit. We already have autotune so a Herzog/Zizek duet of "Summer Lovin'" is only a few steps away.
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I had no idea what "UwU copypasta" was and against my better judgement looked it up. And well, I dunno, kids are gonna do whatever they're gonna do... what made me despair for our future was the print-on-demand merchant with "Uwu Copypasta Home Decor" inventory.
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UwU copypasta

You may or may not like to know that there's a rap song as well.

Also, it's a sign that I spend far too much time on the internet that I struggle mightily not to write error messages like "*notices ur exception* OwO what's this?".
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