“human condition,” and now
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Poets Respond. Since June 2014, Rattle has published a poem a week written about a public event that occurred within the previous week. "News cycles rarely last more than a week, let alone a year. One reason poetry lags behind other forms of contemporary media might be this delay—how can poetry be part of the conversation when it enters so late?"
Jan 23, 2018 “Permission” by Noel Quiñones: When I say Puerto Rico I mean an opening in the skin / where gold turns green under my scalp.
Feb 23, 2020 “Coronavirus in China” by Anthony Tao: Masks. Wearing them, / we were more aware / of the other.
Our eyes locked more often, / for longer, searching for provocation, / gauging interest

Dec 17, 2019 “Flown” by Wendy Cannella: But who can hum along / to a tiny, rushing song?
Nov 17, 2019 "Crushes" by Ori Fienberg: Most have heard stories of the lead-covered Bibles soldiers of the great wars carried into battle, whose words protected their hearts. But when bibles ran out they used other books

(previously on Metafilter in 2018, "How to Swim an Elegy" by Craig van Rooyen)
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I love this series (and nearly all things Rattle)! Gotta shoutout to my favorite person in the world who was published in it at the end of last year.
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