It's now made people all over the world very happy too.
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The fart heard round the world: how an Australian musician's fart went viral. "When an Australian musician recorded his fart on his phone he had no idea it would become an educational talking point for music students all around the world. His 7-tone fart was so unique, he turned it into a symphony and it went viral." [2m9s]
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Surely the best known Australian farting tune is Kevin Bloody Wilson's "Mick, Me Mate the Master-Farter"? NSFW lyrics - swearing (Edit: apologies, includes two 1980s racist terms)
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With the proliferation of fart threads here, I keep thinking I've accidentally stumbled into Reddit.
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Occasionally I wonder how uncommon it is to be, as I am, an adult happy to swear and say whatever about sex and otherwise nonVictorian but quite embarrassed by talk/humor of the scatological and the...flatular? (I don't know if these are technically separate categories.) But there is a 0% chance of me clicking through on this and it makes me feel, in not the best way, like quite the delicate flower.
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(FWIW the piece is less about the fart and more about the musicality of the fart, which is admittedly remarkable.)
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A fart that goes viral doesn't sound like a good thing to have, but this actually is a good thing.

'My brother Shonky had moved out of town ... so I was sending him all of my farts at that time'.
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awwwww......sweet....I get Taytos and Tanora myself. I win.
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Mozart would be so proud.
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A fart that goes viral doesn't sound like a good thing to have, but this actually is a good thing.
Let's remember that in the late 1890s-early 1900s, Joseph Pujol aka le Pétomane was an international celebrity who made movies and records. And let's not forget the medicine men of Koma (NSFW), who allegedly started this practice to piss off Muslim slavers.
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Needs fartbruary tag.
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Somehow the deliberateness of the audio cheapens the whole affair. I had imagined a concert musician in tux accidentally left a mic hot (or something; im sure AV booths catch that stuff posthaste) and let loose a surprise scale from the butt trumpet.
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I'm glad to know there is a level of fart recording and sharing that is somehow cheaper than other recording and sharing of other fart videos.

How many fart videos have school children playing the fart melody?

Does that not overcome the cheapness of the deliberateness of the audio?
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