Quarantine Cooking
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Mefi's Own beijingbrown misted up my spectacles with his comic for the New Yorker Finding Relief from Coronavirus Anxiety.
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Cloud clubbing and online gyms
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That was really cool.

I remember seeing this cartoon early in the outbreak.
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This is beautiful.
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Try to find rubbing alcohol right now...

Ms. Windo uses it for a finger/nail issue, in a chronic application.

It's is gone. As is bleach in big containers. As are the bleach wipes for cleaning the toilet. It's insane.

Good job dealing with the logistics involved when your state is quarantined...
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The little casual mention of spicy chili crisp touched my heart. That’s good stuff. In the supply chain chaos that is oncoming, the insignificant-in-the-greater-scheme shortages we will see in things like Lao Gan Ma and Sichuan peppercorns are the synecdoche that hit me right in the emotions.
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This is lovely.
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Great post: thanks very much to Mrs Potato
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And this is why we come to Metafilter.
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I have an FB pal who is an arts instructor in Liangjian, well within the quarantine zone. He has not posted for a few days, possibly a reflection of changing international internet access there. His classes kept meeting after quarantine, using mobile video-chat and with the students drawing subjects shared online and then providing feedback and critique to each other via the same mechanism. He was posting about this until his updates stopped. He sounded as fascinated by this set of adaptive, distributed-presence futurist stuff as he was anxious about the virus.
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oops, his school is called Xian Liangjiatan, so he is in Xi’an, my bad.
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Love it, but wish they had handwritten the letters rather than use a handwriting font.
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Reminds me of Naomi Kritzer's short story "So Much Cooking" that was posted here a few years back.
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Excellent. I just understood someone I like much better.
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So great. Thanks, 0P!
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Amazing, and also looking forward to the book about underground music! Wow.
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For another first-hand account of life in China under the current emergency arrangements, see this week's Wang Xiuying essay in the London Review of Books: The Word from Wuhan.
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@Windopaene, if you can't find isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), does ethyl alcohol do the trick? See if the liquor store has vodka!

Last I checked, the convenience store was completely out of hand sanitizer, but the natural foods/herbal medicine/generally wholesome household products store was not! I bet the hardware store still had isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. (Maybe even methyl alcohol (methanol)? I don't know if that is effective as hand sanitizer, but I'd be surprised if it weren't. But it's also fairly toxic if ingested, and... I'd be cautious about using it long-term on skin, or in large amounts.) And the liquor store was well-stocked with high-proof alcoholic beverages, including 60%, 80%, and even 96%. (I grabbed a bottle of Everclear, which is 95% ethyl alcohol and no additives.)
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Not just the hardware store, but marine supply stores also generally carry isopropyl alcohol in quart and gallon metal containers, for stove fuel. If the grocery stores are out, check your local restaurant supply shop for bleach and other sanitizing agents. Many office supply stores also carry janitorial/sanitation ("JANSAN") supplies. I swear, I could have sold N95 respirators for $200 a pop all day, but oops, we are "out of stock." (Those are for the people who actually need them and know how to use them, not for panicked people clearing my shelf of Lysol wipes and all the keychain-sized Purell they can find.)
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Carbs, especially instant noodles, are overrepresented.

Thank you for posting this—it is poignant and beautiful.
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Fascinating and beautifully executed! Thanks for sharing this!
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@xedrik, haha, thank you for being "out of stock". And it's neat to hear of all the other specialty stores where one might be able to find things, kind of a reverse bricolage. (I recently wanted to buy a type of tree tag that consists of cardboard sandwiched in thin aluminum, and ended up finding it at a supplier for car recyclers, where it is used for tagging parts or something.) These stores and suppliers are invisible to most people.
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I haven't really been all in for Top Ramen since grad school, but in CoV stockup I bought three for a dollar in solidarity, or in something.
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Christ, what an asshole.

That was an exception piece. I feel like I now have a greater understanding of the direct impacts this has on people on the other side of the world.
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This is excellent. And now I want to take up chinese cooking (again).
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AAAH thank you for posting this @Mrs Potato!

@brewsterkahle: I had planned to handwrite all the panels, but the New Yorker requires multiple levels of copy-editing and fact-checking so it just wasn't feasible. Handwritten is my preferred style, though! :(
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NB this has been unpublished from the New Yorker site. I found a cached copy here
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Hang in there! It was so great! I am confident that you are not the person who owes anyone apologies, beijingbrown.
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It was great and I just tried to share it again only to find it completely gone from everywhere including the cached link above.
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Archive.org to the rescue

edit: And I just realized that the brewsterkahle that beijingbrown replied to is the very same Brewster Kahle that runs the Internet Archive! :D
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