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"Science Cheerleaders is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 300 current and former NFL, NBA and college cheerleaders pursuing STEM careers."
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Are y’all ready for this?
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Right? I was researching Women's History Month looking for public domain photos and searching on Picryl I found... a bunch of cheerleaders at NASA. And was all set to be grumbly but then I read more about the work they do and was interested and impressed.
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Scistarter, a website for helping you identify a community science program to volunteer for, was also started by the Science Cheerleaders' founder Darlene Cavalier.

These folks do great science outreach at non-traditional venues like pro sports.
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This makes me happy.
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THESE ... are Science Fingers!
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Q: What factors can increase the speed of a chemical reaction?

A: Temperature, surface area, concentration, the presence of catalysts, and awesome cheers!

Q: I can only give partial credit for that: cheers are used to increase the yield of industrial reactions, not primarily to increase their speed. The answer we were looking for was ‘merchandise’.
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I think cheerleaders get a bad rap. It's a dance sport these days. Plus they've got science? Awesome.
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I would like to complain that my mom, who cheered for the Boston Patriots in 1967 and is a full professor of biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania, is not on this site.
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I think cheerleaders get a bad rap. It's a dance sport these days

High level cheerleading is team gymnastics. If it gets more popular outside North America it's going to become an Olympic sport.
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I think cheerleaders get a bad rap. It's a dance sport these days.

I just finished watching CHEER on Netflix and holy shit folks. I had no idea how absolutely intense (and dangerous) and serious of a sport Cheer is. Stunning athleticism.

It's also so interesting because after college there is really no more Cheer - no real career path to being a professional cheerleader, except maybe as a coach. I think for that reason the cheerleaders were all mostly very studious people as well, so the STEM thing does not surprise me. Good for them.
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