New Dixie Chicks? Yes! New Dixie Chicks!
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Natalie, Emily, and Martie bring back the magic with their new single Gaslighter [3m48s, lyrics in the "show more" video description]

Dixie Chicks Announce First Album In 14 Years, 'Gaslighter,' Share Title Track [NPR]
Dixie Chicks has never left our consciousness. The trio's collaborated with Beyoncé, sold out stadiums, has been covered by young indie-rock artists and recently took Taylor Swift back to her roots. They are "heroes to a whole generation of country listeners and artists," NPR Music's Ann Powers told All Things Considered in January, but they haven't released a studio album in 14 years.
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“You made your bed and then

What a great lyric. Delighted to have the Dixie Chicks back.
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Well that was pretty fucking awesome.
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we are getting a new album. thank you dixie chicks for this earthly blessing.
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Old-school aspect ratio took me for a spin at first!
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Anyone know what Adrian Pasdar did on Natalie Maines' boat?
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Co-written by Jack Antonoff, who has also worked with Taylor Swift. And sure enough, it kind of sounds like Taylor Swift. Which IMO is not a bad thing.
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I have a feeling they're still not ready to make nice.
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They sound as fantastic as ever. (I’ll never forget dragging a friend who’s a jazz musician to their concert and how stunned he was—“I never knew these people were real musicians!!” I had a good eyeroll over that one.)

I do wish the song was more...complex or something, I like how detailed and timeless most of their songs are, whereas this one feels a bit dated already and more like a Taylor Swift / Antonoff anthemic song with all the repeats than a Dixie Chicks classic.

Can’t wait to hear the full album—looks like it comes out May 1.
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Oooh, this is good. I have lots of positive feelings about the Dixie Chicks, and this reinforces them (even though I don't listen to them in heavy rotation anymore). Definitely looking forward to this album!
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My partner played it last night. I like the lyrics! Good sass. The music itself just kind of vanished into the sameness, though.
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I love the Chicks and it was great to hear their sound again. I mean, besides playing their CDs in my car all the time like I'm still in high school in the 00s.

I've been searching "Dixie Chicks tour" every few months for the past 2 years so I'm pretty pumped about this! All last summer I kept telling people that they are coming out with a new album so if anyone is surprised, it is definitely not my fault.

All that said, I hate when songs/books use trendy words like "gaslight" or "triggered" so the content of this song wasn't my favorite thing.
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Considering that I'm just coming out of a relationship where I was routinely gaslit, the lyrics to this song are relevant to my interests.

Also, I knew *of* the Dixie Chicks and have probably heard some of their stuff on the radio, but had not seen a music video of them before, and did not forsee the day where I would have a little bit of a crush on one of them. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a woman with a short undercut.
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This is not my favourite Dixie Chicks track ever, but I am super excited that they are back together making new music.
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Literally the first tweet I saw this morning was about Adrian Pasdar's boat and I did not understand it...until now.
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It's not *his* boat, but he done did something on it and Twitter would very much like to know what.
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Or, probably more accurately, who.
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"All that said, I hate when songs/books use trendy words like "gaslight" or "triggered" ..."

Agreed. This is like all Taylor Swift songs - based on memes of the moment. Regardless, i'm looking forward to new Chicks material.
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Anyone know what Adrian Pasdar did on Natalie Maines' boat?

Literally the only thing I know for sure about their marriage is that he dragged out their divorce for two years because he wanted more money out of her and even tried to have their prenup invalidated in service of that goal, but he also tried really, REALLY hard to block this album or any other new material from Maines from being released on the grounds that their prenup guaranteed him confidentiality.
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Part of what is so awesome about the Dixie Chicks is their instrument heavy bluegrass sound. White Trash Wedding and Give It Up or Let Me Go come to mind. They are so fun! I hope we get some more of that sound on the album.
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Bonus Joanna Rohrback at ~3:30
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To be fair, the concept of "gaslighting" something has been around since at least 1944, when the movie Gaslight came out.

I do like the song connecting the word "gaslight" specifically with the word "liar". I think that's a useful connection to make as it cuts directly to the quick. Gaslighting is too often framed as "deception" or "misleading" or other terms. It's straight outright lying.

I do agree with the "this is a bit too Taylor Swift" idea, but it's a good song, and if the specific becomes the Universal, than I'm sure there are plenty who are relating to this song.

I'm really excited for this new album. Taking The Long Way was an instant classic for me. It's months away, and that's way too long for me!
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Gaslighting is too often framed as "deception" or "misleading" or other terms. It's straight outright lying.

Respectfully, I don't think that is what gaslighting means. It means manipulating and misleading someone to doubt the truth of their own memories and experience, making them feel like they can't trust their judgment and soundness of mind.
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I don't really see the 'too Taylor Swift'-ness, which wouldn't be a bad thing IMO, as I love both TS and tDC.
I feel that there's a rush to lump women together that you don't see with men.
For example, people don't say that Metallica's Black Album was too Mötley Crüe because they used the same producer, Bob Rock.
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Allure magazine's cover story this month: The Dixie Chicks on the Price of Being Genuine
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The Taylor Swift connection is not solely because Antonoff produced it, but because he co-wrote this song as well as some famous Swift tracks—so in that way the actual songs could resemble each other as well as the production. Plus, there have been rumors that the new albums included an actual collaboration with Swift herself (that may have been shot down by now, not sure).

I also think the Chicks have been flexible on different albums with different songs and also willing to experiment with covers, etc—they like to play around with different styles, so it’s not weird that they might try out something poppy like this. I’m just hoping the more pop sensibility isn’t the whole album—I would love to see some songs closer to the feel of ”Cowboy Take Me Away”, which to me just seems a lot more intricate musically and in the lyrics.
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so it’s not weird that they might try out something poppy like this

Yes, but female sort-of-former-country artists making poppy music does not necessarily equal Taylor Swift-like. My point about female artists being lumped together stands.
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That Allure article is much better than I anticipated. It's actually quite in-depth and is recommended reading.

Although as a long-time Indigo Girls fan, the talk about how women never play instruments sort of wrankled me a bit.
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This is a good pop-country track. This is a great middle-finger to an ex.

I don't think it should matter to other folk exactly what Mr. Pasdar actually did. He clearly did Natalie Maines wrong and rather than call the father of her children out on specifics she and her friends have just linked him to a song that will be a tune worm for years to come. Never piss-off a singer, a writer, or other artist; the emotional baggage you create will become grist for a mill that will grind you for a very long time. Bravo.
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I can see how someone utterly external to roots/country/Americana could have assumed years ago, based on the name, that an act called "the Dixie Chicks" might not be especially noteworthy from an instrumentation POV.

With any attention or connection to that musical world, though, it's implausible to the extreme that anyone would NOT know they're all amazing musicians, even if they're not your taste.

I know people say it, but honest to god I don't know that I've ever encountered anyone who thought "girls don't play." I suspect that's because I've made a practice of avoiding assholes. it's so abundantly counterfactual. Anybody with any taste around my age (50 on Friday!) must've spent their youth listening to Tina Weymouth, or Chrissie Hynde, or the Deal sisters, or L7, or Sleater-Kinney, or Aimee Mann, or OH MY GOD the fucking Cramps and Poison Ivy.

I mean, they're everywhere.
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