Striptease Nigerian style
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Striptease Nigerian style The women, ranging in age from 30 to 90, used a traditional and powerful shaming gesture to maintain control over the facility -- they threatened to remove their own clothing. All jokes aside, these women may know a thing or two about political startegy ... either that, or they have an excellent PR rep....
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or perhaps they are merely astonishingly ugly.
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they're also after $5m. all africa news. basically the company has been dealing with the male leaders, who, shall we say, were less effective.

from personal experience all i can say, there's nothing finer on god's earth than an african woman. part of the solution to africa's problems is to give these women real power.
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On a more serious note than my original post would indicate, I really think that these women have something! Their action should be a reminder that there is always a vaster communtiy out there when the call for social action goes out. It is also a reminder that the power to bring effective change begins with creative thinking about solutions, not with guns....
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