And what is better than a good woman? Nothing.
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Ahead of #InternationalWomensDay, and for your Friday amusement, might I interest you in several blogs about medieval women? Of course I might! (Oh you better believe it's a thread.) From the wonderful Dr Eleanor Janega of Going Medieval.
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This is wonderful. Thank you!
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The piece on Hildegarde von Bingen and Janelle Monáe is worth all the links and likes and favorites on its own. These are great, and I love the author's voice. Many thanks!
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Why does "medieval" only include Europe?

Here's a picture of some non-Euro medieval women.
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From the first entry: " a Europeanist, I’m going to focus on European societies here, but world-wide women have certainly been working and still are. I just lack the specialism to speak about that and I stay out of things when I don’t know what I am talking about...."
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I get that, my gripe is not with the scholar here, my gripe is that medieval always means European medieval, just as philosophy always means Western philosophy, classical music always means Western classical music, fine dining always means Eurocentric dining, etc.

The OP didn't bother to specify "European" in the post, yet I knew exactly what I was going to see when I clicked on the link.

Yes, I have a chip on my shoulder about this. Yes, I'll stop now.
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Not all of us are born out of the lap of luxury. Going Byzantine Women are the pillars, disguised as the pillows.
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Main link now gives this for me:

"Opps, we can't access this thread!
Thread Reader is not authorized to see this thread. It is probably a private account."

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Why not start by thinking about how women do all the fucking work around here?
On women and work.
More interested in reading sex stuff? Of course you are, (and wow are you in luck.) Why not have a think about the way we discuss women as sexual objects?
On sex and logic and being the subject
Want something more character driven? Maybe consider Joan of Leeds, a nun who gave it all up for the D. (So relatable!)
On “the way of carnal lust”, Joan of Leeds, and the difficulty of clerical celibacy
Have you ever considered the ways in which Hildegard of Bingen is like Janelle Monet? Maybe you should.
Considering bad motherfuckers: Hildegard of Bingen and Janelle Monáe

A great thing to do for International Women's Day is stand in solidarity with our sex worker friends. Maybe learn a bit more about the history of the rescue industry and its inherent misogyny.
On sex work and the concept of ‘rescue’
While we are talking about sex workers, a thing to think about is how our attitudes towards women who are sexual and whether or not they profit from it is linked to male control. Tra la la.
These hoes ain’t loyal – on prostitutes and bad bitches in medieval and hip hop culture
You might also want to consider the ways in which our society sexualises (or doesn't) women in order to treat them as others.
On women and desire
The thing about making women the other? Makes it easier to sexualise them. Think on that.
On sexualising the “other”
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Bummer, I can't see the tweets. Is this a thing where I'd have to have an account?
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Moira I listed the whole thread in the post above.
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This is what I get when I go to that link.
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Moira, try this, which links to the adamvasco comment; he has linked to individual blog posts (thank you!) instead of Twitter. You don't want to miss Considering bad motherfuckers: Hildegard of Bingen and Janelle Monáe!
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If she believes in God, isn't a feminist and she lifts, I'm impressed.
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