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In Japan, Crash Bandicoot was promoted with an umprobably catchy and silly theme song, which was included on the disk for the Japanese release of his second game. Here it is, in all its earwormyness, with subtitled translations, or without.
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Not a lot of comments, but that's okay. I love its dorkiness. I don't think I ever connected to Crash as a character until I saw this.
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This is awesome. Thanks for sharing JHarris. As far as 90s gaming mascots go, I'd rank Crash Bandicoot just underneath Sonic the Hedgehog.

And this is despite the fact that Sonic feels like something cooked up in a boardroom to appeal to younger audiences. Crash doesn't feel so artificial.

The thing is, I didn't have a Playstation growing up, so I was super unfamiliar with Crash until well into my adulthood. I'm glad I've gone back and played the originals and CRT. There's a rich world filled with some fun characters.
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That video is something else!
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I think Mark Mothersbaugh wrote most of the Crash music, which I would love to get as an actual CD or something. In any case CTR definitely got a lot of airtime here at Master Control, I didn't even learn about Mario Kart until years later
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