Nothing on rideshare placement, unfortunately
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Peter Ruggiero redesigns airports for a living. Hear him talk about the history of airport design and the plans to redesign LaGuardia. (SLYT)
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'cos no-one wants to add a rats-nest of Hot Wheels and frayed-looking scalies to their rendering
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This is really neat from a design/engineering perspective. This nerd-of-all-trades enjoyed it. Thanks!
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I really dig that bridge and the large window near security.
A lot of airports have over the years turned inwards away from the activity on the runways and aprons.
Either through design or just by cramming a bunch of stuff into every available space so what were once windows are now cell phone kiosks and and charging stations.

I'm old enough to remember when you could go outside at airports and I'd like' to see something like that come back, a rooftop garden or internal courtyard would be a godsend when you are delayed at an airport.

Along similar lines, I wonder if they've incorporated quiet spaces. Most major airports have little corners where you are outside the main flow of people, but they are ad-hoc, just overlooked spaces, not by design.
I'd like to see little side nooks that you could use to get your bearings and take a break.

Finally, for the love of Pete, airport designers, please travel with children of all ages for several flights before putting pen to paper.
My kids have outgrown that age, but the number of airports that have basically no accommodations for kids is astounding.
No play areas, or if they do, it's useless*. No space to roam, stroller unfriendly security, one nursing area per terminal. It's ridiculous. I know business travel is your bread and butter, but get better.

* ORD, I'm looking at you, why are there no chairs or tables next to your play area? Why is the bathroom down the hall?
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Why are you calling taxis "ride shares."
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I really like the format of this video. I used to work in aviation architecture and my firms equivalent of Peter Riggerio could bust out some trace and do the equivalent of one of these talks at the drop of a hat. People in this field really do have a lot of passion around the topic - airports have a lot more design consideration than is apparent to the passenger.
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An airport expansion has to happen while keeping the airport open. I've seen things rebuilt three times in ten years in order to allow that to happen. Looking at you, SJC.
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I loved this. Agree it's a great format and REALLY well edited.

I've recently had to navigate a hospital that's been added to numerous times over the years and the wayfinding is HORRIBLE. I wish more consideration was given to how people navigate spaces than how they look or function.
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Solo taxi rides are not "ride shares" (even if the VC-funded firms that run these taxis don't like to call them taxis because they're trying to skirt regulations).
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On the legal and social issues, I agree. But as a practical matter as things currently stand hailing apps present a different situation from taxis which take passengers first-come-first-serve. Should the hailing apps do that too? Yes, almost certainly! They are a serious problem now. Having set-aside areas for hailing apps is helpful, but the truth is that their apps could accomodate a first-come-first-serve mode too and that would solve some of the problems. (It doesn't solve the problem that service is fragmented by providers, but that could also be solved if stakeholders wanted to solve it.)

Clearly the best solution is that hailing services are taxis and are regulated as such.
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Look, I'm sorry for the title, honestly it's just the other thing I hear people complain about re: LaGuardia, where it's apparently absurd to get to (I don't know, I take the bus from LaGuardia)

The video has nothing to do with taxis or ride-sharing or the placement thereof.
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