Melbourne Symphony Orchestra livebroadcast
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Live on YouTube, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra versus COVID-19.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra's concert program includes Bloch: Schlomo; Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade; and Deborah Cheetham's acknowledgement of country. This was the third of three performances at Melbourne's Hamer Hall which usually holds about 2500 or so, but tonight the audience was not allowed in as the large event ban has commenced today in Australia.

I recommend you rewind back to the start to avoid buffering issues.
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Listening now. Poignant experience. I've seen a couple of artists tweeting about doing online performances in the last day or so. I think we could see a good few more like this. You can donate some money to them, if you wish, here.
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The Metropolitan Opera is going to be running daily(!) reshows of their "Live in HD" performances.
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This Ask Metafilter thread is collecting streaming performance links like this.
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Thanks mbrubeck, I missed that somehow.
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Report in today's Guardian says they had 38,000 views and rising, they mention quite a few similar projects too.
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Another one right now. Beethoven #7. Looks like they took a tape measure to their seating arrangements, still sounds great though.
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