Italian Architect Vittorio Gregotti Dies of Coronavirus at 92
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On Sunday, March 15, Italian architect Vittorio Gregotti died at age 92. He had developed pneumonia after contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus. Gregotti’s wife, Mariana Mazza, remains hospitalized in Milan.

Gregotti was also a writer, teacher, curator (his "Regarding the Stucky Mill [A proposito del Mulino Stucky]" in 1975's Venice Biennale was a precursor of the Venice Architecture Biennale, established in 1980), and had served as editor-in-chief of Casabella, the venerable Italian architecture magazine. (The magazine has tribute to his tenure here.)

A few Gregotti projects:

1990 Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris / Marassi Stadium, Genoa (built for the 1990 FIFA World Cup)

1992 Belém Cultural Center, Lisbon

1992 Olympic Stadium, Barcelona

2002 Arcimboldi Opera Theater, Milan (built for La Scala’s 2002-2004 renovations-related closure)

2007 Pujiang New Town, Shanghai

2007 Grand Théâtre de Provence, Aix-en-Provence.
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Gregotti is a great example of how long and varied an architectural career can be (useful when mentoring recent graduates). The big commissions didn’t start rolling in until he was past 60, and he continued to produce amazing work for more than 30 years after that point. You can trace a good deal of modernist history through one man’s output.
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As I wrote a few hours ago "Soon we’ll start seeing the first 'famous' C19 casualties"
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