AITA for posting twitter threads full of pets?
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AITA_reddit, which picks up the most interesting posts from Am I The Asshole, asks for pet themed submissions.

Includes such wonders as AITA for hiding under the bed then howling because I'm completely alone under the bed?, AITA for secretly sneaking the humans’ socks out into the backyard over the winter so that when the snow melted they discovered a dramatic sock graveyard? and AITA for shredding most of a roll of toilet paper during a nationwide TP shortage? (Pictured: her majesty the Raven Queen in all her sassiness, and evidence of the crime)
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Christ, not an asshole in the bunch!
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This is delightful.
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I was concerned for a sec from the above the fold bit that it was people being assholes to pets, not the other way around.
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I was thinking the sock thief might be an asshole until I saw the picture.
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More stories from the ex! Her cat, Annie, was gorgeous and dumb. Like, we could leave the food bag by the bowl and it would never occur to Annie that they were connected. This is remarkably dumb for a cat.

We lived in a two room, 500 square foot apartment. Kitchen, bedroom. She had no problems going around, under, or on special occasions, over the curtain we used to separate the two rooms.

About once a week, she would be dreadfully heartbroken and extremely vocal that we had abandoned her and she was alone forever. At three in the morning. While we were at most, fifteen feet away.

Very extremely really vocal.
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Let my boy out seven times today, all he did was stand there for five minutes then cry to come back in (it's in the mid-50's.) He then wandered into the kitchen to poo. I put him out again, he wanders into the yard, eats a poop.

At least he finally peeded outside at midnight.
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Off topic, but that pinned tweet, wow.
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Ah, this is delightful!
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Oh, that pinned tweet! I saw that when it was posted, and, I am truly shocked at how my expectation ("of course you are the asshole") shifted when I read the story ("ahahaha, no, no you are not")
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I am very not into people being assholes to pets. Right now we just want cute, wholesome content (NTA that food dish doesn't even look HALF full).
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My addition to that post.

Percy is a good boy.
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I especially love the non-cat/dog ones.
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Off topic, but that pinned tweet, wow.

Adding to the short list of things to tell my past self if/when I get a time machine.
posted by Halloween Jack at 11:20 AM on March 18, 2020

Percy is a VERY good boy. Such a good beast.
posted by rmd1023 at 1:01 PM on March 18, 2020

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